Flute Choir Program

This program is open to all levels of flutists. It is a supplemental learning course so we welcome flutists from all studios. Students who study privately in other studios will not be permitted to take private lessons at the Flute Academy.


Playing in larger ensembles helps with pitch, listening skills, social skills and gives students a sense of team effort. It also fosters a strong sense of commitment, encourages students to strive for improvement and supports their sense of self confidence. There are performances throughout the year with the ensemble and if the student is also taking private lesson at The Flute Academy, they will have the opportunity to perform a solo work on the recital as well. Flute Choir includes 2 one-hour sessions of Flute Circuit Training (a program created by Kristin Bacchiocchi-Stewart).




















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**Please Contact: kbsfluteacademy@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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